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iFLY Dubai First Time Flyer Experience

  • Defy gravity with skill, style, and courage at iFLY Dubai

  • Fly for 2 minutes in the world's first double skydiving simulator

  • Freefall in safety and experience the thrill of skydiving without having to take to the skies

  • Defy gravity with skill, style, and courage at iFLY Dubai. If you have dreamt of flying since you were young, live your dreams with the world's first double skydiving simulator. Bringing you state-of-the-art technologies, flying has never been this easy.

    Enjoy an unforgettable experience at the iFLY windtunnel venue in the Mirdif City Center mall. Professional flight instructors will give you one-on-one instruction on how to make different body positions to control how you fly inside the tunnel.

    You will receive complimentary skydive gear rental and the actual flight experience at one-tenth of the cost of a tandem jump, but with much longer freefall time. The gravity-defying flight itself lasts for 2 minutes.

    Each wind tunnel has 2 crystal clear acrylic tubes, 2 gigantic fans that can blow a wind of up to 185mph (300kph), and a pressurized staging area that can fit up to 12 flyers at one time.

    Safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens, and realistic for skydivers, the iFLY experience will leave you smiling from cheek to cheek.


  • Hotel Transfers

  • Training session

  • Flight gear

  • Flying suit

  • Disposable socks

  • Goggles

  • Ear plugs

  • Shoes

  • Helmets

  • One on one personal assistance from an instructor

  • Locker rental

  • 2 minutes flight time


 If Tour Booked without Transfers, Please confirm the Tour Location & Timings with our Customer Support team if required.

• Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time to sign waivers, watch an     instructional video,           and attend a short demonstration before you fly. Late arrival may result in loss of booking, or reduced

   use of the facilities
• Please note that the flight itself takes 2 minutes
• The whole experience, with instruction, lasts approximately 1 hour
• Flyers must be 3 years old or over, and weigh a maximum of 105 kilos (232 pounds)   if less than 1.80                     meters (5.90 feet) tall, and 115 kilos (253 pounds) if over 1.80 meters tall
• Pregnant women are not permitted to take the tour
• Participants must have had no prior shoulder dislocation, no hard casts, no prior major back or neck injuries,     and no known heart diseases. Please inform your instructor of any other physical limitations that may impede     your ability to take part in this physical activity
• You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when taking part in this trip

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