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FAQ's When Travelling to Dubai Post Covid 19...


Arriving in U.A.E

1. What are the New Travel Requirement to The U.A.E??

  • The travel regulations to U.A.E are changing frequently, depending on the destination you are departing from.

  • But for update info before you travel, Kindly Click Here

2. Covid 19 Testing

  • All passengers travelling to Dubai must have a Negative COVID-19 PCR Test Certificate to be accepted on the flight.

  • The certificate must be for a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab test. Other test certificates including antibody test certificates are not accepted in Dubai.

  • Upon Arrival in Dubai 


3. Where can i get a valid  PCR Covid 19 Test in My Country..??

  • All Countries have a list of approved laboratories/hospitals where one can get a PCR test done.. 

  • Please Click Here...

4. What are The New Tourist Visa Requirement.{Covid 19}..??

  • The are no new Tourist Visa requirements to for any one wishing to visit to Dubai

  • Please Click Here..

 5. Does anyone Need a Covid 19 Medical Insurance Cover..??      

  • All passengers traveling to Dubai must have a Covid 19 Medical Insurance Cover.

  • This is taken In the event of hospitalization, for Covid 19

  • We do Offer the Insurance Cover at a Very Discounted Rate. @ USD 40 for 30 Days Policy & @ USD 60 for 90 Days Policy.                                Click Here to See Sample Covid19 Insuarance Policy

6. Does everyone need fill a Quarantine Undertaking Form..??      


While in U.A.E

7. What is COVID19 - Dubai Smart App..??      

  • Dubai Health Authority(DHA) launched a smart application in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that will help you get information about COVID-19 Symptoms, how you can prevent yourself from it and what treatments can be adopted to reduce the risk while in Dubai..

  • Its a mandatory for Everyone arriving in Dubai To Download the Application.

8. What are your Safety Measures Hotels, Tours & Excursions..??

  • All our Drivers & Tour Guides have been Tested and strictly adhere to preventive practices including constantly wearing masks and gloves.

  • The Vehicles that we use for Transfers are compliant with the cautionary measures of fighting Covid 19 as per Dubai Roads & Transport Authority.

  • Most of our Tours & Excursions are on Sharing Basis however for a small surcharge we recommend you upgrade to Private Basis. See More


9. Are all Tourist  Attractions Open in Dubai?

  • Most of Tourist Attractions and Shopping Malls are open for Business and enjoyment. See More

10. Is it Safe to Travel with My Family to Dubai..?     

  • Yes it is safe for to Travel as many Hotels, Beaches and other attractions are open.

11. Where can you get a PCR Covid19 Test Done in U.A.E..?     

  • The DTCM has Approved a List of Covid-19 Screening locations around Dubai for traveller's who visit Dubai and must test to return to their countries 

  • Included is a list of Approved Hotels that offer testing for In-House Guests, Drive Through Centers, Hospitals, & Clinics in Dubai offering Home services. Click Here

12. How long does it take to get your Covid19 Test Results..?     

Departing U.A.E.

13. What are the Travel Guidelines When Departing Dubai Airport..?     

  • Following the Re-Opening of airspace by U.A.E Authority, Passengers are required to have Negative COVID19 certificates will be valid for up to 96 hours from the time of travel.

  • All citizens, residents, tourists and transit passengers passing through DXB Airport Must have a valid Negative Covid19 Certificate. See More

NB: We’re constantly updating our Travel FAQ's page to give you the latest guidelines. Please check back regularly while planning your trip.

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