Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai

Imagine up and away into the UAE’s mesmerizing skies! A hot air balloon flight with Rayna Tours is undeniably the most perfect way to take in the enchanting sights of the region. Marvel at the spectacular views of the sun rising against the backdrop of Hajjar Mountains, as the basket takes off with the gentle winds in the morning. Soaring up in the hot air balloon steered by stable breezes, you can float regally and smoothly past the UAE’s magical landscape covering endless seas of Arabian dunes, bright green oases, and beautiful flora fauna, such as camels, gazelles and Oryx. Regardless of the age and sex, this activity can be enjoyed by all. So if you’re looking for an alternative sightseeing experience during your trip to Dubai or UAE, hot air balloon ride is certainly a must-try pursuit.



  • Hotel Transfers

  • Hot air balloon flight for about one hour over Al Ain desert 

Important Information

• The entire activity takes approximately 6 hours, with limited access to rest rooms
• The local tour operator will strive to have your balloon in the air by sunrise, but this cannot always be guaranteed
• The balloon flies with the wind and this determines the direction and distance, so the views differ from flight to flight.               Visibility is completely dependent on weather conditions
• The exact return time to the hotel or meeting point is dependent on where you land and the traffic conditions in the city
• Women who are more than 3 months pregnant, and anyone with injuries or recent surgeries in their limbs or back are not        permitted to fly